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Turtle Gang Tee and Hoodie


Top Chest Embroidered Tee. The embroidery is extremely detailed - hence the slight price increment.
This is a limited one off line which will be produced in one batch.
The product has not been shot in a studio setting, the fit is the same as the other tees and the same cut etc. Shop True To Size.
Please allow up to three weeks.

  • S - White Tee Sold Out
  • M - White Tee Sold Out
  • L - White Tee Sold Out
  • XL - White Tee Sold Out
  • S - Black Tee 100%
  • M - Black Tee Sold Out
  • L - Black Tee Sold Out
  • XL - Black Tee 100%
  • S - Hoodie 50%
  • M - Hoodie Sold Out
  • L - Hoodie Sold Out
  • XL Hoodie Sold Out