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Rich and Raining - Tees and 1/4 Zips


Top Chest Embroidered. The embroidery is extremely detailed - hence the slight price increment.
This is a limited one off line which will be produced in one batch.
The product has not been shot in a studio setting, the fit is the same as the other tees and the same cut etc. Shop True To Size.

The tees are in production, due to the detail of embroidery please allow up to THREE weeks.

Please choose your size and colour.

  • S Tee 50%
  • M Tee Sold Out
  • L Tee Sold Out
  • XL Tee 100%
  • XXL Tee Sold Out
  • S 1/4 Zip 100%
  • M 1/4 Zip Sold Out
  • L 1/4 Zip Sold Out
  • XL 1/4 Zip 100%
  • XXL 1/4 Zip Sold Out